Tax resources

You want to do your taxes right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. MyTax have got the best resources to make all things tax related understandable. You won’t find any confusing tax jargon here – we’ve simplified it all so you can understand exactly what to do with your taxes at the end of the financial year. Here we go!

New Zealand tax codes


There are different kinds of tax codes and they all relate to various financial circumstances. Let us show you the exact tax code you should be using and how these different tax codes affect how much tax you end up paying. more info

IRD number


We’ve all got one, but does anyone know what these numbers mean or do? We do! Learn all there is to know about your IRD number, including how to get one, how to use it, and why you need it. more info

IR3 form


If you’ve earned any income other than your regular salary, wages, interest, dividends, and/or taxable Māori authority distributions, you’ve got to fill out an IR3 Form. Learn more about the IR3 here! more info

Personal Tax Summary


A Personal Tax Summary (PTS) lets you know your income for the year and exactly how much tax your employer has paid to the IRD. Find out more about the PTS. more info

Personal income tax


Your personal income tax is the money you pay to the IRD from your wages. Find out more about the different types of income you have to declare, where this money goes, and how you can get a tax return. more info

Glossary of tax terms


Tax has a lot of jargon. We’ve put together an introduction to some of the most common terms and some of the things we need to know before completing a return. more info

Getting your IRD number


If you plan on starting work in New Zealand the first thing you need to do is register with Inland Revenue and obtain your IRD number. more info

Important dates in the tax year


There are some key dates that all Kiwi tax payers should know. Their usefulness may differ depending on your filing requirements and whether you need to file a Personal Tax Summary (PTS) or an Individual Income Return (IR3). more info

PAYE tables


PAYE stands for “Pay as You Earn” and is the primary income tax system used in New Zealand. PAYE is mostly a combination of income tax and ACC earner’s levy. more info

The tax refund cycle


The tax refund season runs from March through to June. You can apply for your tax refund at any time of the year but getting your application in within this period will mean you will receive the new year’s tax refund as soon as these are released by Inland Revenue. more info

Tax rates for individuals, trusts and companies


New Zealand has several types of tax, including taxes levied on Goods and Services (GST) and specific excise taxes on petrol, tobacco and alcohol. In addition, individuals, companies and other entities are required by law to pay taxes on any income or profit they make. more info

Working for Families Tax Credits


Working for Families Tax Credits are payments to help make it easier to combine working while raising a family. more info

PAYE Calculator

PAYE Calculator


Try our easy to use PAYE calculator. It will tell you exactly how much of your hard earned dollars you actually get to take home! more info

Special tax codes

Special tax codes


Your tax code tells your employer how much income tax to deduct from your salary or wages. more info