Money tips

Christmas gift hacks

With so many gifts to buy for Christmas these ideas should help you get the most for your money.

Shop all year round

No matter when you see a great gift for someone, buy it and stash it away. If you haven’t done it this year, remember it for next. Also, keep notes on gift ideas to refer to come shopping time.

Set a budget

And stick to it. Get cash out so you don’t use your card.

Shop online

Keep an eye out for coupons or good deals on discount websites/apps. You can dress up small things like this with a nice envelope and ribbon.

DIY gifts

A quick Pinterest search will return hundreds of ideas but here are some fast and easy faves:

  • Edible gifts like truffles or Christmas cookies in a nice box, brownie mix in a jar, or flavour infused oils, salts, butters or vodkas go down a treat.
  • Photo books are cheap, easy and personal. Write your own story inside to go with them?
  • Bath bombs are easy to make with basic ingredients from the supermarket.
  • Put together a fort kit for kids with twine, a flat sheet, some pegs and clamps, and a torch for ambience.

Wrapping hacks

Craft gift bows from old magazines. Use plain brown paper and dress it up with a ribbon or bow or paint it yourself. Upcycle last year’s Christmas cards into gift tags.

Be prepared

Eat a decent breakfast before and take a bottle of water with you. Christmas shopping takes a lot of effort and stopping to buy food to boost your energy is not being smart with your Christmas budget.