Our fees

Get more of your refund with MyTax

Based on an average refund of $526, MyTax rescues more of your tax refund by having smaller fees.

We have a No Refund, No Fee policy, so if you don’t get a refund we won’t charge you anything. The fee table below outlines our Personal Tax Summary tax refund fees per return year:

MyTax.co.nz standard fee

Refund due
Fee Min Max
15% $17.99* $399
No refund due

*Note: a lower fee of $4.99 will apply for gross refunds under $50


Driver’s licence verification: $3 per attempt. Verification is only required the first year that we are linked as your tax agent. If you choose to stay linked with MyTax.co.nz you will not be charged this next time you ask us to look at your eligibility for a tax refund.

If an IR3 is required please see our IR3 section below.

Other fees

Please note, IR3 tax returns are a separate return to a Personal Tax Summary, these fees are detailed in the following table with further information below:

IR3 filing required

Refund due
Fees Min Max
$99+15% $99** $500
No refund due
Fees Min Max

**Note: a lower fee will apply for gross IR3 refunds under $200

IR3 tax return

An IR3 tax return is required for anyone who has:

  • Received income without tax deducted.
  • Departed or arrived in the country part way through a financial year.
  • Received overseas income.
  • Received over $200 of schedular payments (formerly withholding payments).
  • An active GST tax type.

Once we have received your application, we will contact you to notify you if you need to file an IR3 tax return.

If we are required to complete an IR3 tax return on your behalf, we will charge $99 + 15% of the total refund for that year. If you are found to have tax to pay and wish to proceed with the return we will charge a flat fee of $99 per year.

School children

MyTax is capping the fees for school kids. A maximum fee of $24.99 will apply to all standard personal tax summary returns processed for clients who are under 18 and still at school.

Rental income

An IR3 tax return is also required for anyone who has received rental income. We charge 15% of the total refund plus an additional charge of up to $199.00 per year for a rental return, up to a maximum of $500.00 per year.


If you wish your tax refund to be paid as a cheque it will incur a fee of $2.

Cheque cancellation incurs a fee of $35.

Donations Claim

Our standard fee for a donations rebate is 15% (minimum charge $35.00, maximum charge $500.00).

You can claim back on donations made to an approved organisation or school. For more information on approved institutions and who can claim, please see our information on Special Tax Returns.

For more information please contact us or read our FAQs.

How we advise you of the fee

You will receive an itemised statement when your tax refund cheque has been sent or deposited in your account, so you can see exactly what has been charged.