Customer feedback

Wonderful news

“Please let me reiterate what wonderful news you have given me. A fantastic birthday present – now I can catch up on some outstanding bills and have a little extra as well.

Thank you all so much for the wonderful work you do.

God bless you and all those who work with you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

With heartfelt thanks

Best wishes


Well impressed

“Nice work – appreciated.

Also kudos to your organisation for creating a very slick consumer experience – well impressed by how it all works.

Have a great weekend – I will!



Perfect job

“Just a few words to thank you. You obviously have done your normal job, so, I won’t have to thank you, but you have been so efficient and quick that I can’t stay without saying anything.

I have the money on my account. Perfect job!!!

I am just grateful to your team and I wish you well.

See you next year 🙂

Kind regards


Efficient, prompt and professional

“Just wanted to thank your team for a very efficient,  prompt, and professional service.

Also a good result for me!

Thanks folks

Regards from


Very Impressed

“Money received with Thanks!
I am very impressed with your service for the following reasons:

1. Your regular, timely communication.
2. You do what you say you’ll do,
3. and you have a very quick turn-around.

I am so sick and tired of dealing with supposed ‘professional’ organisations and businesses in this country, who from my experience, are not! It is very refreshing to receive such consistent and professional service. Thank you, and I will highly recommend you to family, friends and colleagues!

Enjoy your afternoon 😊

Kind regards, Tanya”

A welcome bonus

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank Mytax for your extremely prompt, efficient and helpful service over the past few days.

I started the application process on Tuesday night, which took only five minutes of my time. Not only did I receive immediate acknowledgement of my application, but each step in the process was communicated clearly and transparently to me. I received my tax refund on Friday morning; the entire process took less than 72 hours.

The amount I received was also lot more than I had initially anticipated and was a very welcome bonus to my finances.

Thank you again. Without your assistance I would not have know this money was owing to me, let alone been able to access it.

I would recommend Mytax highly to anyone considering using your services.

Best Regards,


Stress free

“Thank You. Such a stress free and informative process for your clients!! Judith”

On the ball

“Thanks, you guys are so on the ball and I for one totally needed your support. As you can see I did not file a tax return for years until I contacted you, and receiving that $1,200 return certainly made my day, so once again. . . thanks guys!!!! Norman”

Extremely helpful

“Thank you so much and I only use your agency as I have always found you to be fair, prompt and extremely helpful. Lorraine”.

Fantastic Job

“Thank you so much for such a fantastic job that you and your Organisation do in ensuring that everyday NZer’s get what is fair,  have a great day.

Kind Regards


Absolutely Impressed

“I just wanted to say thank you so much. I have the refund now in my account!

It was so quick! And your commission amount was superbly low!

Will be recommending this company to all backpackers coming through the hostel I work in and people I know.

Absolutely impressed!!

Thank you for your quick, super friendly and professional service 🙂

Kind regards


The best service

“Thanks for your kind cooperation. I have never ever experienced such an organised company in my whole life that provides the best service to the client.

I really appreciate your cooperation. I will suggest my other clients and colleagues, friends as well.

Have a lovely day.

Kind Regards,


Couldn’t be easier

“Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your services. First time ever applying for my own tax refund and it could not be any easier. You guys responded with my tax refund amount in 25 minutes! So awesome. Its good to know people have someone batting for them to get some of our hard earned money back! I also noticed how many competitions and giveaways you guys have so that’s awesome too. Will definitely use your services from now on. Kimberley”

Would not deal with anyone else

“Thank you once again very much for organising my tax return. I simply would not deal with anyone else. You’re great. Many thanks and have a nice weekend. See you next year, all going well. Kind Regards John from Invercargill.”

Great Service

“Thank you very much. My friend here at work recommended you as she has been with you for years. I will also recommend you to people I meet at work, social clubs, family etc. Great service!

Thanks again – Simon”

Thumbs up!

“Not a query, but I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your service (I hadn’t used you before). So a ‘thumbs up’ to you & thanks  (& I do love the guy you use in your TV ads – always gives me a laugh!) Cheers. Lynda”


“What can I say except WOW you guys are amazing. The service is so efficient and very understanding. It takes the headache away and I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

Many many thanks.


Brilliant Service

“Brilliant service from MyTax, including excellent communications. I will recommend your services to friends, particularly to over 60s.

Many thanks.


Made life easier

“Thank you. I’ve always had issues with IRD for some reason. Its made my life so much easier having you file on my behalf. Cheers Rex.”

Great to use

“Thank you. You guys have actually been great to use – I wouldn’t have bothered with a tax refund this year – but I’m really glad I did now! 🙂 Taara”


“You guys are amazing. I did not expect anything let alone get it so quickly. I was blown away at how fast this was done. The response, the follow ups and the service is outstanding. I will be endorsing this to friends and relatives. ‘mytax’ has made my day. Thank you again.

Yours sincerely,


BIG Thank You

“Just wanted to say a BIG Thank You for everything you have done for me in the last couple of months etc.  I know you are only doing your job, but you are so professional and  courteous.
Please keep me on your books for next year.

Loyal Mytax family member

“I would like to thank all the team off MyTax as you all are rockstars & make everyone’s life easier by helping us out in every possible way. It has always been a painless experience with your team.

The good thing about My Tax is it keeps you informed about the situation of tax refund at every step and which is winning every body towards the new growing Family.

I am proud to be  a loyal family member of our company My Tax.

I have recommended all my friends & colleagues to join My Tax for their refunds.



Timing couldn’t be better

“I don’t know what to say. This is the first tax refund I have received in about 20 odd years. I don’t know how to thank you. I shall be using your services from now on. Once again thank you so much, the timing couldn’t be much better as my grandson first birthday this Saturday so will allow us to give him a very special day. Thank you. Stephen”

Amazing customer service

“I have seen so many other people complain with other tax agents taking days even weeks after receiving their refund to be paid to them, your agency is brilliant and have amazing customer service so thank you so much for keeping me up to date and in the loop, and for also getting back to me so quickly when I have emailed. Your team is brilliant and their customer service skills are awesome!!!!! I am in the customer service industry and know sometimes the staff can be over looked so i just wanted to say you are all brilliant and keep it up!!!!!

Claire “

Superb Service

“Once again many thanks for your superb service. Please pass my sincere compliments to your dedicated hard working; most efficient & most reliable team @ My Tax. Keep the good work going as you will go a long long way in your business. All the best & see you all again next year. Cheers. Fazil.”


“THANK you all VERY much,  using your company/ business is one of the easiest processes that anyone will have to endure. I thank you all SO much for the professionalism & the ease of this process,

Kindest Regards

Megan “

Stress Free

“Thank you so much for making my life so much easier in this process. It is so nice to be stress free when contemplating the tax world. Thank you again, Terence”


“I would just like to thank you and your department for being an expert of what you have to offer to me but not only to me but to our country of Aotearoa. Thank you, Debbie”.

Great Service

“Thank you so much will certainly not hesitate to use your service again and will definitely have no hesitation in recommending you to all of my friends great service.

Cheers have a great weekend,



“OMG. You guys are amazing!! So prompt, efficient and have outstanding communication.

Speedy Results


I am just rapt with your service and speedy results and very pleased I trusted the man in the blue suit !!



Professional Service

Thank you for the quick response and efficient service as this is much easier and more assuring to know my tax is being done by a professional service.

 Kind regards,


Nothing to Lose

“I want to say that your service is amazing. I wasn’t sure what to expect and thought I may not be due a refund, but I decided I had nothing to lose. And now I have a great refund.

So much easier than going through an accountant which I have delayed doing.

Your quick and efficient communications are well beyond what I would have ever expected.

Refreshing to know there is a NZ company out there that has amazing customer service like no other I have come across.

I am very excited with my refund and what it can bring.

Thanks again

Nic :-)”


“THANKYOU so very much for making this entire process so stress-free and advantageous for me.  I greatly value you and your staff’s professional, calm attitude toward your work.  I admire the way in which you all demonstrate personable service and client care.

God bless your business,


A Pleasant Surprise

“I just want to say a big thanks.  I’ve seen the ads on TV many times, and often thought about it, but always wondered what the ‘catch’ was.  A pleasant surprise to know there isn’t one.

Kind Regards



“Wow, Thank you so much. To think I was reluctant to put in a return as in the past it hasn’t been in my favour or the amount has been mimimal.

I’m stoked and if you were here I would get you coffee and a treat.

Kind Regards,


Excellent Service

“I would like to thank MyTax for the excellent service I received since the first time I applied for my refund. Your fast service is really awesome! I also appreciate the way you give detailed updates about the status of my application.

I’m so happy that I chose MyTax to process my tax refund. You are really great!

Keep it up and more power!

Kind regards,


Always a pleasure

““It’s always a pleasure dealing with your company. You guys are the best. You make it so easy for me

Saiyad “

Fast and Efficient

“Fantastic , a huge thank you to MyTax for taking care of my return. Fast, very efficient and done with a lot of professionalism. Much appreciated to you all. I will share this with my fellow colleagues. Again thank you, Rehu.”

Made the right choice

“Once again many thanks.

While selecting the tax agent, I made a right choice and now I can see the result. You all are great people helping people nationwide on tax purposes.

Keep the great work going and all the best to Mytax for a great job done.

Please pass my regards to all the team.

Kind Regards,



I was delighted with your service, and would, without question both use you again and recommend you. Anton”

Go MyTax!!

“Thanks, kind regards and as always, many thanks for your excellent work. Always so efficient and excellent at keeping your clients informed of where things are at. Go the MYTAX team!!! Rosemarie”

Excellent Work

“Thanks very much for all your great work regarding my tax refunds .

I would just like to say that I have been involved in telephone contact with My Tax staff several times over the last week or so and the service given , and all staff members I have spoken with have been absolutely terrific .

Excellent work by My Tax  is my Rating .

Kind Regards from Derek”

Helpful and Efficient

“Fantastic thanks again.  Love the service you provide, very helpful and efficient. Happy to use the service for years to come. Cheers Derek”28

Great to deal with

“Thanks for processing my tax refund in such an organised and orderly manner. It was really great dealing with your organisation. I really liked the speed and transparency of the service. Thanks again.



Easiest Tax Experience

“Thank you so much. This concludes my tax transactions for the year and I wish to thank you and your team. This has been the easiest and least hassle I have every experienced in completing my taxes. It might also be good to note that the design of your product is fantastically ‘sticky’ as I noted your developers/designers office sign from an apartment window decided to see what they have done which lead me to your service, before I knew it I was completing a task I had been putting off for the last 4 years. I hope you know the benefit your service provides to those who use it.

Many thanks!


Fantastic Service

“I am so absolutely happy with your services! I would like you to pass my message on to your boss. Your services are fantastic. I have never come across such an easy to deal with tax agency!! I will recommend your services to anyone and everyone. Ive had so much trouble in the past with tax agencies but after coming across you I now know how easy it is to get a tax refund. Thank you all! Josephine”

Most beneficial service for kiwis

“Hello,  well fantastic news for me. What an amazing surprise for me it was to hear from the MY TAX team that I will be credited with such a wonderful monitory refund.

Absolutely fantastic news indeed.

I had no idea that I ad been over paying my PAYE during the last few years.

The service you have available must be considered to be one of the most beneficial services for we employed kiwi’s.

So can I please sincerely thank all who were involved in processing my refund application.

Many thanks again for your help.

Kind regards, Ken”

Another Satisfied Customer

“A HUGE thank you to Mytax for your prompt response and refund to my account. It came at the perfect time as my heating system died and the refund helped me in paying it off.

From another satisfied customer.


Ten minutes

“That took TEN MINUTES! Ten minutes from when I began to sign up until I received confirmation of my refund via text! I was expecting it to take days! You’ve made my year.

Have a great weekend!


Hassle free

“I just want to say a “BIG” thank you too the team at “My Tax” for a super quick, hassle free experience. You all were a pleasure to deal with.  See you this time next year

Kind regards,


MyTax get what you’re owed

“This was definitely a surprise and has come at the right time.

Thank you so much, I really didn’t think I would get anything as I was advised by another tax company that I had nothing to be refunded to me.  Luckily my cousin told me to go through instead of the other one I tried.

She said that the application was easy and that this company actually ‘try’ to get what you are owed, she was right!

Thanks mytax, I will be recommending your services to everyone I know.

Kindest regards,

Hannah and family.”

No brainer

“Thank you so much.
Your service and convenient way of doing tax is very commendable and extremely appreciated.
I do have a busy life with work and kids, so, when I got the text saying you could do it again this year, it was a great relief and it was a no brainer to rely on your services again. Look forward to the same easy way to deal with my tax next year.
Again, thank you all at  MyTax
Gavin “

Huge thanks

“I have received several emails recently from MyTax advising/regarding my income tax application – It has been exceptionally pleasing (and it was unexpected) to learn of tax refunds – dating back over the last five years – coming my way!!!! A HUGE THANKS to My for providing such an effective and efficient service!!!  If I had not applied for My Tax assistance I would never have known any tax was owing to myself.  A few years ago I had called into an IRD office that used to be situated on Custom House Quay in Wellington (no longer there) to check whether or not I had been paying the correct amount of tax and was advised that all was in order.  So this has been a wonderful outcome – only because I knew my current part-time employer had been deducting more tax over the rate applicable to my circumstance, and someone recommended My tax.Co to me as a way of rectifying that at the end of the financial year. SO THANK YOU My Tax.Co for providing a very helpful, fast and efficient service – Truly appreciated in light of these refunds.



So fast!

“Awesome service, was going to go with another provider as my partner and then cancelled it as they were taking so long and no communication. Applied with you in the morning and that same day was told the amount, confirmed and kept up to date from you.

Will recommend to everyone I know.

Well done!!

So bloody fast!!

Sebastian “

Over the moon

“Well that is the BEST NEWS I’ve heard all week!  Very unexpected, I’m over the moon right now!!

If I could do cart wheels around my office right now, that would be me. 

Have a fabulous rest of the day.

Much appreciated,


Incredible efficiency

“Thank you for your super fast work. This is an incredible efficiency never before experienced in my 23 years in NZ. I can assure that word of mouth will spread like wild fire giving you excellent advertisement.

Many thanks

Ben “

Positive Experience

“I am impressed at the efficiency of My online application process. This is a much better way to file my tax online.

I look forward to sharing my positive experience with other people who are Deaf that will benefit from the online application for My Tax.

Thank you.




“Talofa lava,

Many times I’ve ignored the ads,and thought,”yeah whatever”. The refund we received cleared some well aged debt. Thank you MyTax, the efficiency and follow up, within less than a week, a reputable company, well deserved of the commission.

Indebted Autagavaia family”

Exceptional experience

“My experience with you and your team on behalf of MyTax has been exceptional. From easy registration to confirmation of my refund. Of which I can confirm, I have received in my bank account today.

Great work,


Really Impressed

“Indeed I have been really impressed at the service, efficiency, ease of access and communication. Definitely well worth 15%. It’s my strong opinion that the IRD should be able to re-imburse automatically rather than knowingly retain overpaid taxes, but we know that will never happen!

Please take this email as positive feedback.

Kind regards


Excellent Services

“Your services are excellent and I would recommend your services to family and friends. Your agency as tax agents are very prompt when it comes to customer refunds and customer services fast and efficient.
Well done.

Kind regards,

Spot on

“Thank you so much for your service. It has been spot on, fast, efficient, excellent. Thanks for everything.

All the best thanks from Helen

P.s. and my money also”

Easy and stress free

“Thank you. Its always a pleasure to deal with your company. You make the whole process so easy and stress free. Regards, Paul”

Second to none

“Thank you so much. I’ve been with you now for a few years and your service is second to none. Very appreciative. Thanks again.


“My compliments to you and your team for the efficient way in which this has been handled. A major very welcome surprise




“WOW! Best start to the week ever! You guys are awesome. Thanks so much! I’ll be smiling all week.

Anna :)”

Thanks a ton

“Thanks a ton for the efficient and prompt manner in which you and the “mytax” team have handled my sign-up and application!

Kind regards,


That simple

“Thank you so much. This process was so quick, easy and stress free. If I had known it was that simple I would have done this year’s ago.

Thank you, Kararaina”

Quickest tax return ever!

“Thank you very much!

That is without a doubt the easiest and quickest tax return ever!!

Have a great day!


So easy, so friendly

“Thank you so much for having this all sorted.  I did not realise it would be so easy or that everyone would be so friendly.  Heres hoping it comes through soon, awesome!


Making it so easy

“I just wanted to say that this was a really easy and fast way for me to get my tax refund back. Your service is really commendable. Thank you for making it so easy.

Thank you


Made my week

“I’d just like to say thank you so much for your time and promptness throughout this process .Mytax has truly made my week they got my money back 2gether with me. Mereana”

Head and shoulders better

“I am emailing just to say a huge thank-you for your quick and prompt service.

I will admit that this is the second company that I’ve applied for my tax refund with.

You and your company are head and shoulders better than the other company I used before you.

I would just like to thank you and your team for your quick and prompt service you have provided me in getting my 2015 tax refund.

I will certainly use your team ahead of anyone else in future.

Thank-you and regards


Lovely boost

“Morning, Thank you for your prompt service. The result is a lovely boost too my account, Thanking you again & have a great day & enjoy the rest of your Anzac Holiday. Mark

Making life so much easier

“THANKYOU so much for the great news!

Bless Your business and all your professionalism. You help make life so much easier.


A professional and pleasant experience

“Thank you very much.

Not just for the refund amount but more importantly, for me, it was the email and mobile text communication during the process.

Again thank you so much to you and for the professional and pleasant experience.


Very pleased

“Thank you for your emails and service. I am very pleased with the process and result and will be recommending you to other people.

Have a good weekend.

Regards Pam”

Just thrilled

“Thank you very much.  I am just thrilled with how fast and efficient your response has been.

I will recommend your company to many people.

Kind Regards


The easiest refund

“Thank you so much. This was possibly the easiest refund I’ve ever done and will be letting all my friends know about your services!!

Thanks – Richie”

Prompt as always

“Thank you so much for your prompt (as always) service. You guys are absolutely awesome. Michael”

Benefits of dealing with experts

” This is great. Always tried to do my own tax returns, contacted Mytax after hearing advertising. The benefits in dealing with experts far outweigh the fees plus so easy. Thanks katrina”

Absolutely Outstanding

“I would just like to take the time to say THANK YOU.  The informative texts and emails and the quickness of this whole process has been absolutely outstanding.  I have already been recommending you to work colleagues. YOU GUYS ROCK 🙂


Blown away

“Many thanks to your WONDERFUL service. I am just blown away with the speed and the over-all efficiency of it.

I hope you get ‘business’ recognition for your service.

Yours sincerely,


Amazing effort

“Thank you very much for all your time and effort you put in for me  to do my tax refund, You guys are all amazing, again thank you. Enjoy your easter break, god bless you and your team, regards Mihiwai”

Great work

“Thank you very much for such prompt information, I love your site! especially because I don’t have to try and get around all those figures!

Great work! and all the best!




“Awesome!! Thank you for your prompt response – you guys don’t muck around!

Really appreciate it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


Literally blown away

“As service this good is a rarity, I felt compelled to write in!

From the start of the process until the end, everything has been fantastic, the form was simple, the communication was superb and all in record time. I am literally blown away 🙂

Thanks so much


Surpassed Expectations

“I would like to thank you and your team for an excellent and speedy service! You surpassed my expectations! I will be happy to call on you again next year! All the best and kind regards, Werner”

Great communication, advice and services

“Good morning, Just an email to you to say a big thank you for looking after my tax application. Your great communication, advice and services have been of great help to me and I am so pleased I chose MyTax to look after my application and will definitely recommend MyTax to friends and family. Once again thank you and have a great day

Kind Regards

Danny “

New long term customer

“Hi again, good stuff, cheaper than our accountant, who, quite frankly has been less than stellar over the past few years. Guess you have another new long term customer. Cheers Damon”



You guys are amazing!

I’ve told some friends and will be telling more

Have a great day I know I am  :  )

cheers – Russ”

Fantastic work

“Hi there 🙂  I received my tax refund today and I’ll like to thank all your team for providing excellent service! I was struggling with my money for my trip and this was the perfect time to get money back! I did not expect to get $6,000 back. What a pleasant surprise! Keep up the fantastic work! You guys are awesome! Regards, Lu”

Brilliant job

“Thank you very Much! The service I have received has been great and you have even found a tax refund from years ago that was overlooked. Brilliant job and great customer service !


Awesome and Stress-free

“Thanks heaps for my refund 🙂 I would just like to thank you for your speedy responses, and making my first time experience with My Tax an awesome one and stress-free!!

I will definitely be utilising My Tax again in the future.



Spreading the word

“Thank-you so much for the prompt service you have provided and for the extra refund money, no doubt I will be spreading the word about your company and how fast and efficient you guys are and not to mention the awesome customer services my wife and I have received thank you again and have a fantastic day.

Kind regards



“I am amazed at how easy it has been to use your company’s services and the speed in which my application was processed. I also appreciated the constant updates from various staff members of how my claim was progressing. Please pass on my thanks to your team for a job well done. It is so satisfying dealing with professional and competent people. I will not hesitate to recommend your company’s services to family and friends.
Kind regards
Paul ( a happy customer).”

Relaxing doing nothing

“Thank you so much, This has been relaxing doing nothing. Thank you so much for all the work put into my tax refund!

Have a lovely day and I sure will be using this service next year and the years to come!

You have been a star!

Many thanks


Awesome Job

“Thank you very much. Im impressed with the speed in which my application was processed and appreciated the updates from other members of your team.

Please thank everyone on my behalf.
An awesome job MyTax.
Paul “

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