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We are all smiles about our announcement for Wednesday 16th’s 1st World Problems winner – Michelle Luke.

Michelle entered on Facebook and let us know that there is a bit of a cavity in her wallet for some dental bills that are looming. MyTax is going to inject Michelle’s budget with a swish $400 in cash to help her out!…

read more is proud to announce a great new competition to welcome in the new tax year – our ‘1st World Problems’ Giveaway!

It’s all part of’s commitment to help come to the rescue for those things in life you really, really want & need.

It’s super simple – all you need to do is to become a fan of our Facebook page, and comment on the page post with the 1st world problem you would love to help out with.…

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Download the Tax Refund App


Mytax-app-ad is leading the way again.

We are the first Tax Refund company in NZ to release a Tax Refund App that works in real time on the Apple App Store.

To celebrate this, from the 1st April 2014 we are offering all users of our App a special rate of 12% when you file your Personal Tax Summary through the App. …

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Hello, April 1st!

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April 1st is an awesome day each year for so many reasons, a few of which are below. None of which are April’s fools pranks, we promise!

  • We welcome in a new tax year today, which means the doors swing open for year ended 2014 tax refund applications
  • We have a neat new competition in the pipeline, stay tuned for the details this week…you can win cash 🙂
  • Our sweet new TV ads are now playing, have you seen them?
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We are running an online survey, to get some extra information about those who have completed tax returns and what they did with their refunds. survey

Our survey is simple and only 8 questions long – once you are done you can enter the draw for a brand spanking new Apple iPad Air 16gb tablet. Only those that have done the survey are eligible to win and you do not have to be a customer to enter.…

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Time is running out for 2009 refunds!

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Many customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that when they register with we can check for tax refunds for up to the Hurry! Hourglass timer running outprevious 5 years they have been working and paying tax in New Zealand.

With the 31st of March looming, it’s definitely worth applying now as any refunds for the 2009 tax year will no longer be available to claim after 31st March 2014 and you do not want to miss out!…

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Our New Website

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You may have noticed we have given our website a great new look, and under the skin, some fresh new ways to improve the website experience for our customers.

In conjunction with our new brand and logo, it all fits together to deliver a totally fresh approach for our customers this tax season. logo

Take a look over our new website – and look out for our all new TV ads soon – and as always, we look forward to being of service to you for the previous, current and upcoming tax years.…

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Top Refunds – February 2014

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It was a busy February here at the offices, with a good volume of large tax refunds heading out during the month.

As March rolls on and the new tax year looms, we take a quick look back at the action in February and present below our top 10 refund amounts paid out during the month of Feb:

  • $8639.19
  • $7312.59
  • $7038.21
  • $6594.36
  • $6444.00
  • $6241.88
  • $6149.15
  • $5767.45
  • $5622.76
  • $5262.89

To join the refund action make sure you apply with us now and don’t forget, March 2014 is double Fly Buys month on your refund fees!…

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March – Double Fly Buys!

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Exciting news during March – back by popular demand, it’s DOUBLE Fly Buys month for all of March at Buys Logo - Dream a Little

Being one of 4 Fly Buys e-stores offering double points for all of March, MyTax makes it that little bit easier to reach your dream reward this month by offering 2 Fly Buys points for every $20 you spend on tax refund fees with us!…

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The Government has announced a rise in the minimum wage, to be introduced on 1 April this year.

Workers in the lowest wage brackets can expect to receive an increase of 50c per hour, taking the minimum wage to $14.25 an hour.money_man_feb14

This increase is expected to effect 109,000 kiwi wage earners.

If you are in this pay bracket, the wage increase does not change your ability to receive a tax refund – we still advise you to get in touch with or apply for your tax refund with our talented team, to work out if you are due any tax back.…

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