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In October this year it will have been 10 years since we first opened our doors at 10 years spent breaking down the barriers and smoke clouds surrounding the tax industry. Working hard to bring fast, easy and stress free tax refunds to our clients and re-instate the customer service values that had been amiss in the cold world of tax.

Here at we’ve taken pride in revolutionising the tax refund industry for our clients. Now we’re ready to bring our values, customer service expertise and market leading software to take on a new challenge, the power industry.

To do this, we launched Power Direct.

Like any good retail industry the power game is full of intimidating jargon, hidden charges and very clever marketing. This might be fun for the big power companies who are profiting but it’s not so great for their customers.

Here at Power Direct we have said “enough is enough”. Enough confusing jargon, enough hidden charges and enough fancy marketing. We’re here to revolutionise the power industry and make a move towards what we believe is the future of power.

A future of fair pricing, complete transparency and good old genuine Kiwi customer service. Because hey, we are all power customers just like you – and we believe in treating our customers the way we would like to be treated.

So we put our heads together to create a power company that we as customers want to be a part of. With Power Direct you can…

  • Say hello to Wholesale pricing – the fairest power pricing
  • Trust you’re in good hands with an awesome local team who truly believe in the service we’re providing
  • Be treated to market leading software which provides stress free, speedy service
  • Access the information and tools you need to control your savings

These ideals have grown from the skills and values we have at and are helping us to build and shape a company that we are proud to work for. We’re very excited to continue to grow and improve with the help of our customers.

One main point of difference between us and a traditional power retailer is that we are a wholesale power company. This means that we provide you power at cost along with a small retail fee. Now the ‘spot price’ of power actually changes every 30 minutes! With Power Direct our customers are charged for power as and when they use it, as opposed to at a fixed rate. This opens doors for you to take control and maximise your power savings.

When you approach your traditional power company for advice on how you can save money on your power bill there is only really one answer – use less power. But what if that doesn’t work for you? Especially if you are already a low power user. You can’t be expected to just stop doing your laundry, not cook dinner for the family, or to sit in the dark in the middle of winter.

At Power Direct, we have a better answer. By moving to a wholesale power provider you can adjust your daily habits to use power when the price is lower. This could mean running your washing machine an hour later than you normally would, or getting up 15 minutes earlier to beat the shower rush. Small changes to when you use your power (and not how much you use) can have a big impact on your daily power pricing.


We believe our customers should have control over their own power savings, but we also know that this can be a confusing industry, which is why we’re on hand to help. With wholesale power we are on the same team. We don’t benefit from you paying more for power than you need to.

We want you to have the knowledge, information and tools available to make educated choices. To help you with this we have a dedicated ‘My Account’ area and mobile app. This will provide you with the current price of power, graphs showing your usage, the spot price charged for every half hour of power you have used and all your previous bills and correspondence. This way you can track your habits, make changes, and know exactly what you are paying for power every half hour. We’ll even let you know how much it would costs you to use specific household appliances right now!

With this knowledge comes power and also transparency, because all of a sudden your power bill is not looking as confusing as it used to. When it comes to your weekly billing we will just provide a succinct summary. Transparency without a 5 page power bill.

At we are known for our award winning customer service. It’s one of our key values and an aspect we are super excited to be taking with us on our Power Direct journey.

We know that in today’s busy lifestyle you don’t have time to sit on hold for 40 minutes just to end up in an overseas call centre! This is why Power Direct (like MyTax) is 100% Kiwi owned and operated with absolutely no overseas call centres.

In summary we want to provide you with a power company that suits your needs; a power company where you can trust in the pricing model we are providing and embrace the savings and service. Most importantly we want to provide a company that you choose to join and that you choose to stay with. Because of this, we have no contracts and no hidden break fees. If Power Direct does not fit in with your personal situation then we will not penalise you for leaving, which also means there is no risk in trying us out – who knows, it might be the best decision you make all year!

If you’d like to find out more about our company then send us through an email or a recent power bill for a savings comparison to, you can also call us on 0800 463 473. Or, if you are ready to take the first step towards the future of power, you can fill out an application form here!