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Important Info For 2014 Refund Applicants

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Over the past few weeks we have been paying out the bulk of the 2014 refunds but some returns are taking longer than expected. The two main reasons some returns are taking longer are:

  • Inland Revenue have issued the wrong type of return so we need to contact them to get the correct return issued
  • Inland Revenue have placed your refund into review

If you have been advised that your refund is under review you have most likely been provided a timeframe by email. If your refund is in review – don’t panic! You can be assured that the MyTax team are working hard and talking to Inland Revenue directly to get your refund out to you as soon as possible.

Some reasons as to why your refund could be in review are:

  • Inland Revenue are calculating your Working for Families entitlement  (this is the most common reason)
  •  Your refund amount is over $2,500
  • Income details from your employer need to be confirmed
  • Student loan checks are still taking place

In the small amount of cases where the refund may not have been released after the time frame Inland Revenue has provided, we would then contact them again and get a referral sent to remove the error holding up the refund. We are checking daily for any changes and will contact you as soon as an update can be provided. Should you have questions regarding your refund please feel free to email or PM us on Facebook with your details or to contact us on 0800 672 878.