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The 2014 refund timeline

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If you have applied for a 2014 tax refund with us, and received your followup calculation email, you might have seen that we expect IRD to release your tax refund to you in mid to late June, 2014 – about inline with time-frame for previous years.

This June time-frame is when IRD releases refunds to all of New Zealand.

3566298_s is one of the first agents in New Zealand to have 2014 tax refunds released and able to be paid out to you.

It is important during the waiting time between now and mid June, you do not apply for a refund with another tax agency or through the IRD itself, as you might have to pay extra fees and it can result in a delay on your refund being paid out.

If, in your confirmation email, you do notice any of the details are incorrect, please contact your friendly tax agent as soon as possible to advise of any corrections.

Bring on June!!