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Lowest fees

We've got the lowest fees of the top 3 refund companies.*

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We rescue more refunds than any other tax company.^

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How we can get you a tax refund

Across New Zealand there are over one million people who may have a tax refund owing to them, chances are… you could be one of them! MyTax makes it easy to get your tax refund back with a quick online application process and the lowest fees, of the three major refund companies*. If it turns out you’re not owed a refund, then it’s free – we won’t charge you a fee. Plus with MyTax there’s no risk or worries, if you’re not owed a refund – we don’t lodge your return with the IRD. So what are you waiting for? Apply now with the tax refund service that offers the best value in New Zealand.

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What is a tax refund?

A tax refund is actually YOUR money, money you’ve legitimately earned but for a complex array of reasons you may end up paying too much tax during the year. The good news is, you’re entitled to claim this money back at the end of the financial year. The IRD doesn’t proactively notify you if you are owed a tax refund, you need to apply to find out whether you have a refund owing. The tricky thing is, in some situations it may be that you haven’t paid enough tax and actually owe money! The MyTax team of specialised tax agents protect you in this situation by checking on your behalf. We have created a simple online form, allowing you to apply for your tax refund in minutes.

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